Ham slams those changing narrative: ‘These goal posts are going to be very heavy’

The Mueller report came out on Thursday morning. It’s a day that Democrats and many of those in the media have been dreaming and salivating over for nearly two years.

During those two years of Mueller’s investigation into possible Trump campaign collusion with Russia, CNN, MSNBC, Democrats in Congress and liberal commentators told us that yes, there was no doubt collusion.

Turns out that wasn’t the case and it’s still not the case even after their much-sought after report came out on Thursday. But now you see, as the media and those on the left so often do, they are changing the narrative, moving the goal posts.  They are are telling us, well, the report didn’t clear him of obstruction.

Obstruction, I proclaim! Obstruction!

Conservative commentator and author Mary Katherine Ham was on CNN and let those on the left and the Democrats know that they may want to stretch before picking up and trying to move those goal posts.

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