Student calls out Beto O’Rourke for lack of charitable giving

Democrats are a charitable people but just not with their money. However, they are all about giving when it means handing out your hard-earned money.

Beto O’Rourke is one of those Democrats that enjoys giving and giving and giving some more but just, again not just of his money.

O’Rourke recently released his taxes which shows that in 2017, the failed senatorial candidate and his wife earned a little more than $370,000. However, the problem is that the liberal Democrat and his wife gave less than $1,200  to charity. That percentage isn’t good.

During a recent stop in Virginia, the former Texas congressman was called out for his stingy giving by a student. 

The student says that her and her sister were talking and wondered why someone who made seven times more than her gave much, much less to charity than her.

Beto’s answer, of course, is just as annoying as you’d expect. He goes on to talk about giving of his time, being in office since 2005 and how he’s with the students instead of his family.


What a bunch of crap. Democrats always talk about evil, greedy Republicans but don’t walk the walk. Oh, also I believe Beto was monetarily compensated for his time in office, so I’m not sure why that should be considered him being charitable.

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