Sen. Cory Booker claims ‘elections were stolen’

Democrats running for president really want to dramatically transform the country.

They want to get rid of private insurance, raise taxes so that “the rich pays their fair share,” implement the radical, massive power-grab that is the Green New Deal and do away with the Electoral College. And that’s just for starters, who knows what more idiotic ideas they will propose between now and 2020.

But for those candidates who want to abolish the Electoral College it all boils down to one simple reason as to why they are proposing such an idea: Donald Trump is President of the United States.

Democrats didn’t win so now they want to change the rules of the game.

Now New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and presidential candidate is even going so far as to claim that “elections were stolen.” He didn’t provide any specific examples in which votes were taken out of or into the voting box but see, it sounds good and for a Democrat running for president, that’s all that matters.

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