Parkland student praises NRA for contributions to the debate on gun regulation

Robert Schentrup lost his sister in the Parkland school shooting last year, yet he’s not criticizing the NRA like many are.

“I like to tell people the NRA has actually brought up some pretty good ideas,” Schentrup said. “They actually come to the table with more than ‘no, we don’t like this.’ They come to the table with specific concerns … And they come with specific solutions.”

Since the shooting, Schentrup founded ZeroUSA, a group that’s purpose is to “engage our country’s policymaking process by composing and passing laws that help end America’s gun violence epidemic while maintaining the Second Amendment as a guiding principle of our country.”

Schentrup and his group are pushing for more “red flag” laws to be passed and discussed his interaction with NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

“A lot of what she said in the aftermath for a lot of people, a lot of survivors I know, was very triggering,” said Schentrup. But focusing on reasons behind Loesch’s view of the Second Amendment helped him “better understand exactly where she’s coming from and that she’s not some terrible monster person. Because so often we try to paint the other side as being inhuman.”

He also told USA Today that, “I always try to remember, no one actually wants people to keep dying of gun violence. Its just with both sides we have different ideas of how to achieve that goal. But we have the common goal of wanting to reduce death, so how do we do that and how do we get to a place?”



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