What? Netflix wants us to stop saying ‘chick flick’

Everyone is woke today, even video streaming services.

Netflix, instead of just providing us with reruns of “The Office,” “Mad Men” or “Breaking Bad,” now wants to police our language. The company would really appreciate it if people just stopped “chick flick.”

Why? Because chick flick refers to a specific kind of comedy aimed at women and….that’s offensive!

The things people get offended by today is absurd. I’ve literally never ever heard of anyone having trouble with the term “chick flick.” Seems like someone trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

But what else are supposed to call “The Notebook,” “Dirty Dancing” or “Sleepless in Seattle?” I’m open to completely ignoring them altogether, if they’d like.

But this brings up some other problems.

Does Netflix think “black comedy” is racist? Is “buddy comedy” offensive to those who don’t have friends? What about those who are too dumb to understand the plot of a “psychological thriller?” Should we get rid of “mockumentaries” because they are just clearly making fun of documentaries and bullying is just not acceptable today?


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