Swalwell claims he doesn’t know who Dana Loesch is, but past tweets prove otherwise

California Rep. Eric Swalwell is running on an anti-gun platform in his bid to secure the Democratic nomination for President.

When he’s not threatening to nuke gun confiscation resisters, he’s paling around with the likes of Shannon Watts, Mom’s Demand founder and frequent harasser of NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch. Watts tweeted that Loesch “accuses Rep. Eric Swalwell of disrespecting and disliking police officers because he supports gun safety laws. Both of his brothers are law enforcement officers.”

To which, Swalwell responded:

If he’s really that big of an anti-gun advocate, he will know the people at the top of the NRA. And past tweets from Swalwell show he’s lying. In fact, he’s even chatted at her on the social media platform and shared articles with Loesch’s picture on them.

Just another lying Democrat.

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