Bernie scoffs when asked to follow tax plan he espouses

“Good for thee, but not me.”  That was the idea behind one of Bernie Sanders’ answer during his Monday evening town hall on Fox News.

Hours before Sanders appearance on the network, he released 10 years of his tax returns. Easily, the biggest revelation to come from Sanders’ financial disclosure was that the democratic-socialist, the man who despises wealth and the 1 percent, is a millionaire.

Yes, the man that believes the rich “don’t pay their fair share of taxes” is rich. Additionally, the man who railed against President Trump’s tax plan, actually benefited from it.

But when Brett Baier called Sanders out on his apparent hypocrisy he didn’t have an answer. Instead, the presidential candidate scoffed and quickly turned it around to President Trump.

Again, what is good for you is not good for Bernie.



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