Presidential candidate Eric Swalwell wants to jail gun owners

Eric Swalwell is a lawmaker in the United States of America and openly admits that he wants to jail legal gun owners.

The California representative was on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper Sunday morning where guns and gun violence was the topic of conversation. Tapper begins the segment by reading from a USA op-ed written about guns by the Democrat.

Swalwell goes on to say that he absolutely despises semi-automatic assault weapons and wants to institute a mandatory gun buyback program like that in Australia.

Tapper then asks him what other measures the charismatically-challenged representative from California would propose/institute. Swalwell’s answers that criminal prosecution and jail for those who refuse to comply with the mandatory buyback program are not out of the question.

The Democratic Party wants to do away with private insurance, the Electoral College and now the Second Amendment. It’s a good thing this idiot has absolutely no chance of ever being in the Oval Office.

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