Hillary Clinton compares her life in politics to ‘Game of Thrones’

She’s as ruthless as Cersei Lannister, that’s for sure

Hillary Clinton was asked at a New York event to pick which TV show most represented her life in politics and the failed Presidential hopeful answered Game of Thrones.

“May I ask you – this is a question I get a lot because I lived a life in politics, nothing like yours – which is closer to reality of life in politics, which TV show? ‘The West Wing’ or ‘Veep?'” event moderator Paul Begala asked.

“Oh, probably ‘Game of Thrones,'” Clinton replied. “At least in my experience.”

This isn’t the first time Clinton has referenced the show, in her memoir “What Happened” she equates the election loss to the pivotal scene where Queen Cersei marches naked through the streets while the people shout “Shame!” at her.


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