The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles attacked at speaking engagement

The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles was speaking at the University of Missouri-Kansas City on Thursday night when a masked protester used a super soaker water gun to spray what was thought to be bleach on the conservative commentator.

The police later determined it just smelled like bleach, and was not actually a harmful substance.

Watch the attack below.

Throughout his entire speech, Knowles was heckled by protesters, to which he responded:

“I know, you’re so oppressed, my dears. I know, life is so hard for you. You have to live in the richest, most equitable, most just country in the history of the world. You have to get a college education; you have to voluntarily go to lectures; it’s so awful. I can’t imagine.”

The school Chancellor didn’t even bother to apologize either, sending out an e-mail calling Knowles a bigot.

Full video of the speech and attack are on the Daily Wire’s Twitter account.

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