AOC responds to The New York Post’s criticism of her bestie Ilhan Omar

Before they even moved to D.C., AOC and Ilhan Omar were palling around in Ocasio-Cortez’s New York apartment, doing Instagram lives and baking stuff.

When Omar is criticized for her anti-Semite statements, Ocasio-Cortez often rushes to defend her. After The New York Post slammed Omar in their Thursday edition, AOC has responded, calling the attack “an incitement of violence against progressive women of color.”

“The levels to which Republican and conservative groups, whether they are official party apparatuses, sending out emails, calling me and others domestic terrorists, or whether it’s Ruppert Murdoch and the New York Post printing on the front page to circulate all around New York City an image that is incredibly upsetting and triggering for New Yorkers that were actually there and were actually in the radius that woke up one morning or were in their schools and didn’t know if they were going to see their parents at the end of the day, to elicit such an image for such a transparently and politically motivated attack on Ilhan,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

Watch the video below.

Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t the only Democrat who was enraged about the cover. Rep Ayana Pressley called the piece “Islamophobia” and “defaming and dangerous for her & her family.”



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