Rep. Ilhan Omar downplays 9/11, says ‘some people did something’

There are some events that are so monumental, so life changing that you’ll never forget where you were when they happened. One of those such events occurred on Sept. 11, 2001.

Purely out of hate for everything that America stands for terrorists flew two planes into the Twin Towers in downtown Manhattan. Those horrific images are forever etched in the minds of everyone who hopelessly watched as 3,000 innocent people were murdered.

It was a terrible day and once that will long be remembered as such. However, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, during a recent speaking engagement, referred to 9/11 but did so in a rather odd way.

Instead of calling it is and was – an unprovoked act of terror – Omar simply said “some people did something.”

I understand that this is, on its surface, an argument over semantics, but if you can just brush off the murder of 3,000 people, what else will you right to write off next?


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