John Kerry, Ocasio-Cortez fear mongering on climate change: We’ll have ‘blood on our hands’

Democrats really want to become more involved in our lives. They want to make our health care decisions as some prominent Dems have proposed completely eliminating private insurance. They want to take more money out of pocketbook as they’ve also proposed higher taxes as a way to pay for their invasive, expansive programs.

However, their biggest and most apparent power grab has been their introduction of the Green New Deal. While on its face the Green New Deal wants to combat climate change, the methods by which it does it are completely absurd.

But if we don’t, if we don’t give the government more power, more control, we are absolutely done, according to Democrats in Washington!

On Wednesday, former Secretary of State John Kerry and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turned up the climate change fear mongering to 11.

They argued that if we don’t do something, that it we fail to fix the problem of man-made climate change, we’re doomed. Ocasio -Cortez went so far as to say that we’ll actually have “blood on our hands” if we don’t implement a massive government takeover to fight climate change.

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