VIDEO: Canadian clothing company unravels MAGA hat, then creates a ‘Welcome to Canada’ hat from the threads

A Canadian company has a message for immigrants: we want you.

Toronto based clothing company, Peace Collective, released a commercial featuring people of color and immigrants holding a MAGA hat and talking about the negative feelings surrounding the red cap.

“The MAGA hat is definitely the dividing line of ’us versus them,’” said Cori, an LGBT woman who left the United States and moved to Canada. “It represents anger and fear and hatred.”

Oscar, a refugee from Salvador, said that the United States was the “logical place” to turn to for asylum. “But they are building walls, they are deporting people,” he said.

As the people are talking, another person is unraveling the thread from the MAGA hat that spells out “Make America Great Again.”  From that single thread, a new phrase is sewn on a beenie: “Welcome to Canada.”


Peace Collective co-founder Roman Hessary told  told The Drum magazine, “We have an opportunity to tell the world that acceptance is stronger than hate, so the idea was to take a symbol of division and completely transform it.”

He also said the campaign the ad represents, #UnravelHate, was created for Peace Collective to “push back against the negative symbolism of the U.S. president’s signature campaign hat.”

On their Twitter account, the company is profiling all the people who appeared in the video.

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