Seriously? Kirsten Gillibrand prepares for CNN town hall by…hitting softballs

Someone should really tell politicians that just because you have a Twitter or a Facebook account doesn’t mean you have to use it to post meaningless garbage.

For whatever reason, this field of Democratic presidential candidates have really displayed some true stupidity on social media. But Kirsten Gillibrand’s latest Twitter video is really going to be one she wish she could take back.

Gillibrand is set to take part in a CNN town hall Tuesday night. The network has been holding these question-and-answer sessions with ever Democrat in the race and Tuesday in Gillibrand’s turn. But someone on her communication clearly did not think this post through.

They posted a video of the New York senator hitting a softball with the caption “Getting ready for tonight’s CNN town hall!!”

Apparently, she thinks she’s going to knock all the the softball questions out of the park!


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