CNN commentator says Obama separated families ‘for their own protection’

President Donald Trump has gotten a lot of grief for his treatment of those crossing the border from Mexico into the United States. The Trump administration has been accused of caging children, separating families and […]

Trump shares 2020 campaign video

More Democrats get in the race for president nearly every single day. At some point every Democratic member of Congress will be stomping around Iowa and New Hampshire looking voters. President Donald Trump is also […]

Michigan State student reports roommate to university for watching Ben Shapiro video

Ben Shapiro, the conservative author, commentator and podcast host, is offensive.  His political opinions are just way too much for some college students to take. In fact, one Michigan State University student was triggered so […]

Seriously? Kirsten Gillibrand prepares for CNN town hall by…hitting softballs

Someone should really tell politicians that just because you have a Twitter or a Facebook account doesn’t mean you have to use it to post meaningless garbage. For whatever reason, this field of Democratic presidential […]