Comedian Samantha Bee blasts pro-life film ‘Unplanned,’: ‘It’s obviously ridiculous and no one should see it’

The left is in love with abortion. Those on the left talk about and defend the process of dismembering innocent children with a zeal and a passion that is not normal.

Anytime abortion is challenged, even slightly, they lose their minds and lash out with four-letter insults and spurious, mean-spirited and personal attacks.

The recently-released film “Unplanned” is just the latest thing to challenge the left’s allegiance to the “medical procedure.” To say they don’t appreciate it, would be to put it lightly.

Nearly every television network refused to run ads for the film and Twitter actually suspended the film’s account for several hours during its opening weekend. Luckily, it was restored but the point remains the same: questioning abortion will not be tolerated.

Comedian Samantha Bee is just the latest member of Hollywood to hit back against the film. During a segment on his TBS show, Been called the film “anti-choice propaganda,” “obviously ridiculous” and “no one should see it.”

Bee makes it clear that she will defend “women’s health care” AKA abortion, to the death. Fine.

But the biggest problem of the entire segment is that it’s just painfully unfunny. John Stewart and Stephen Colbert she is not.


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