VIDEO: Stacey Abrams still believes she ‘won’ Georgia’s race for governor

No matter how many times you say something, it won’t change a falsehood into a truth.

Go ahead and try it.

You may convince yourself and perhaps even those around you that something wrong is right. But in reality, where most of society lives, that will never happen.

Failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, for whatever reason, still seems to believe that she won her race in Georgia. Even though she’s not signing any bills into law or residing in the governor’s mansion in Georgia, the woman has actually convinced herself that losing is winning.

While speaking to the National Action Network Convention, Abrams names all of the evidence which plainly points to the fact that she did lose her race and then proceeds to throw it out the window and claims victory.

This woman claiming victory in defeat, is insane.

Maybe she did actually win, perhaps someone gave her a participation trophy after her loss that we don’t know about.

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