‘Unplanned’ movie Twitter account surpasses Planned Parenthood in number of followers

‘Unplanned’ is not only doing well at the box office, but after a brief suspension on Twitter, they are sticking it to Planned Parenthood on the social media site too. Abby Johnson tweeted that the movie’s account has officially surpassed Planned Parenthood account in the number of people following them.

They haven’t quite caught up to the Planned Parenthood Action account yet, and a few liberal feminists were giving Johnson some grief over that.

Johnson didn’t let it bother her, replying that the account Melissa Byrne was referring to is the political account.

And since Johnson tweeted that, ‘Unplanned” has about 100,000 more followers, so it’s plausible they could catch up to BOTH Planned Parenthood accounts soon. Not too shabby for a low budget Christian film about abortion.

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