Louis Farrakhan says ‘God doesn’t love this world,’ ‘God never sent Jesus to die for this world’

Louis Farrakhan isn’t a big fan of Jews and he’s made that abundantly clear over the years with his anti-Semitic statements.

Apparently, the minister is a big fan of reading either. Because doing a recent speaking engagement, Farrakhan throws out two major falsehoods about what are the foundation of the Christian faith.

Farrakhan claims that God doesn’t love the world and also that God did not send his son to die in order to save this world from eternal damnation.

Well, wrong on both counts, minister.

A simple reading of John 3:16 will put to rest this false prophet’s claims.

Oh, he also throws in some anti-Semitism for old times’ sake.  Because would it really be a Farrkhan video without some anti-Semitism?

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