VP Pence’s bunny Marlon Bundo stars in a second children’s book

The Pence family love their pets and daughter Charlotte has written a second children’s book about their bunny Marlon. Karen Pence served as illustrator for the new tale, which finds Marlon hopping around Washington D.C. […]


Louis Farrakhan says ‘God doesn’t love this world,’ ‘God never sent Jesus to die for this world’

Louis Farrakhan isn’t a big fan of Jews and he’s made that abundantly clear over the years with his anti-Semitic statements. Apparently, the minister is a big fan of reading either. Because doing a recent […]

WATCH: Joe Biden responds to allegations of inappropriate touching

Former Vice President Joe Biden is not running for president, yet. However, even before he officially launches his campaign, he finds himself in a bit of controversy. Biden has been accused of invading the personal […]

VIDEO: Stacey Abrams still believes she ‘won’ Georgia’s race for governor

No matter how many times you say something, it won’t change a falsehood into a truth. Go ahead and try it. You may convince yourself and perhaps even those around you that something wrong is […]