Former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett: Biden shouldn’t be disqualified, let him run

Those of the MeToo movement told us over and over that sexual assault victims should be heard and believed.

Now that some women have come out with stories of former Vice President Joe Biden touching them inappropriately, their tune has changed slightly. The media has essentially defended Biden, saying that “well, that’s just Joe” and “that’s his personality.”

That’s fine. Perhaps what Biden did doesn’t rise to the level of sexual assault or rape but the blatant hypocrisy of the media and those of the left is once again, well astounding.

Let’s remember these were the very same people who came out with decades old allegations, several of which turned out not to be true, against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh was unqualified to serve on the Supreme Court, they told us. Burn him alive, they screamed with pitchforks and lanterns in hand.

Now, that there are allegations against “creepy uncle Joe,” well it’s different.

Former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett is just the latest person to come out and support Biden amid the allegations from two different women.

This whole episode just goes to show that the entire MeToo movement was never about the victims, it was about advancing liberal politics.


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