Heitkamp and Donnelly working on a ‘how to talk to Trump voters’ guide

Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Donnelly both lost their Senate reelection bids to Republicans, but now the two are teaming up to write a guide for other Democrats on how to talk to Trump voters. One […]


Joe Biden announces 2020 presidential campaign, Trump welcomes him to race…kind of

Add another name to the circus that is the 2020 Democratic presidential field. Former Vice President Joe Biden officially got into the race Thursday morning. Delaware’s former senator released a video on social media in […]

Former Obama, Hillary aide concerned ‘three white men’ leading Dem 2020 polls

Democrats are absolutely obsessed with identity politics. They love dividing people based on race, gender and sexual orientation. Look at the way their presidential candidates campaign. Hillary Clinton’s entire 2016 campaign was based solely on […]