Federalist writer says she was fired after standing up for ‘masculinity and God’s design for sexuality’

Ben Domenech, the founder and publisher of conservative news outlet The Federalist, tweeted late last night that Denise McAllister would no longer be writing for them.

If you’ve been following along with the drama over the past week between McAllister and Meghan McCain, you shouldn’t be surprised. Domenech and McCain are married and McAllister had been saying some nasty things about McCain on Twitter, to which she replied “you were at my wedding Denise…” That response  became a trending clapback meme on Twitter and most of the social media world sided with McCain on this one.

So it’s not unexpected that maybe McAllister and The Federalist would part ways since you’re criticizing the boss’ wife.

However, McAllister doesn’t seem to think her firing has anything to do with that, instead saying that comments she made about gay men were the real reason AND that Ben Shapiro also got involved.





She says Shapiro DM’d her (but provides no proof) to say she was no longer welcome at The Daily Wire.


Then had harsh words for both outlets.


Yashar Ali responded, as did a whole host of other conservative writers.

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