VIDEO: Cory Booker still believes Trump, Russian collusion may have happened

When Robert Mueller was investigating President Trump and his campaign for possible collusion with the Russians, he was a god to the left. He could do not wrong and anything he did or said, according to the left, was gospel.

Well, now our friends on the other side of the aisle are changing their tune. Despite not indicting the president and even after Mueller’s report, which the attorney general said there was not collusion, the Democrats refuse to it accept the findings.

Democrat Cory Booker was on MSNBC Monday where he refused to conceded that there was no collusion.

Booker makes the point that the full report should be released to the public, yes it should be made available to anyone who would like to read it. We spent more than $20 million on the thing and nearly two years on the investigation, it should be made public.

But for people like a sitting senator, who is running for president to continue to embarrass himself like this is just kind of sad.

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