Elizabeth Warren on ‘The Late Show’: Don’t trust Barr, downplays importance of Mueller report

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is running for president. Much like the rest of her colleagues running for the White House, Warren has advocated for universal health care, free college for everyone in America, raising taxes, abolishing the Electoral College and voted in favor of infanticide.

Also, similar to the other Democrats running for president, Warren has consistently stressed the importance of Robert Mueller and his investigation, at least for the past two years.

Well, now that seems to be changing.

On Monday night, Warren appeared on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert and talked about the Mueller report and Attorney General Barr’s conclusion.

Warren says she absolutely does not trust Barr’s conclusion. Basically, because things didn’t turn out the way her and the Democrats wanted. She also went on to downplay the importance of the Mueller report, saying that it’s not what people are worried or concerned about.

Funny how fast she’s changed her tune from the last two years.

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