Dems refuse to support Green New Deal resolution, vote ‘present’

“We only have 12 years to fix our current predicament before destruction!”

That is what Democrats said as one after the other came out in support of freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

While being touted as a plan to fight climate change, the Green New Deal is a massive government power grab. It had such absurd policies as ending air travel, stopping the flatulence of cows, upgrading every single building in the country and in an earlier draft that originally appeared on AOC’s website, providing a living for those unwilling to work.

Well, on Tuesday afternoon, those environmental Democrats had an opportunity to go on the record to show their support for the “much-needed” piece of legislation.

And as you’d expect, the procedural vote, which would’ve brought up the Green New Deal for debate, failed in the Senate by a vote of 57- 0.  Every single Republican, including three Democrats – Manchin, Jones and Sinema voted against the measure.  Also, Maine Independent Sen. Angus King voted against it.

But what’s even more interesting is that 43 Democrats, including those running for president, simply voted “present” and not in favor of the measure. What bravery and courage!

Democrats called the vote a “sham” and a political stunt. 


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