Bernie Sanders upset Republicans voted against Green New Deal; He didn’t take a position on vote

The Green New Deal is a controversial bill. It’s disguised as a response to combatting climate change but anyone with any kind of reading comprehension will be able to decipher that it’s nothing more than a massive government power grab.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called for a procedural vote on The Green New Deal. The bill was defeated 57-0.

All Republicans voted against it as well as three Democrats and Maine’s Independent Angus King.

The other Democrats, who have screamed that we only have 12 years to address climate change, voted “present.”

What bravery! What intestinal fortitude! Even though they had the opportunity to actually move forward something they say we desperately need, they decided to act like the cowards they are and just vote “present.”

Well, now Bernie Sanders is mad!  He’s mad at Republicans for voting against something that he didn’t have the spine to take a position on.

Let’s remember this democratic socialist is also running for President of the United States but doesn’t have the guts to carry out the duties of his current position. All the man had to do was vote, “yes” or “no” and couldn’t do that but is still looking for a promotion.

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