Congressman wants to impeach Trump for ‘bigotry’

Right now, Democrats don’t know how to react.  Robert Mueller finished his investigation after nearly two years and things didn’t exactly go their way. Mueller decided not to indict President Trump and also came to […]

Apple releases video introducing streaming service Apple TV Plus

Streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix and HBO Now are changing entertainment. Soon other such media giants as Disney, Warner Media and Apple will be getting into the streaming video game. On Monday, released a […]

Michael Avenatti arrested, indicted for extortion and fraud

Lawyer Michael Avenatti is now facing decades behind bars. On Monday, Michael Avenatti was arrested and charged in New York City for attempting to extort Nike for $25 million.  Apparently, the former creepy porn lawyer, […]

Sen. Hirono on MSNBC shows Dems are scrambling to change narrative, move goalposts

Democrats in Congress are in a world of hurt. They have placed all of their eggs in the Russian collusion basket. Well, turns out that what the Democrats had hoped and waited for in eager […]