ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt: ‘Stop being offended by things that don’t concern you’

In society, everyone is offended by everything and we should all walk on eggshells around everyone constantly.

How did we get to this point?

Being offended and outraged works, if you’re aggrieved we’re all supposed to stop, consider your feelings and then make it all better. Because “you’re special” and “everyone wins just for showing up.”

It’s because of this attitude that everyone was incensed when Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo got in the face of  one of his players in a timeout during the NCAA Tournament.

People couldn’t believe this! They were offended! How could a coach hold a player accountable and then call him out on it!

Did no one play organized sports? Coaches yell, that’s what they do and players have to adapt and integrate those instructions into their game.

ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt responded to the “controversy” and called society out on their perpetual need to be outraged and offended.


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