VIDEO: ‘The Office’s’ Michael Scott is every Dem running for president

“The Office” is easily one of the best shows of all time. It’s a show that only gets better with more and more viewings.

The Dunder Mifflin staff is the stuff of legends.  Dwight, Jim, Pam, Andy, Creed and even Angela are people whose interactions keep you laughing from opening credits to closing credits. 

However, we all know Michael Scott, played by the hysterical Steve Carell, was the heart and soul of the show. He made so many scenes memorable with an awkward line, a weird glance or just being and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Well, what happens when you combine Michael Scott with the laundry list of Democratic presidential candidates?  Magic!

One video, comprised of Michael Scott quotes surprisingly describes nearly every Democrat running for president and it’s absolutely amazing!

Check it out!

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