CNN’s Anderson Cooper calls Dems’ next move: They’ll shift and say it wasn’t about collusion

The majority of the media and those on the left are not in a good place right about now.

On Friday afternoon, Robert Mueller handed over his report about the Trump campaign working with the Russians to sway to 2016 election. Soon after the report was given to Attorney General William Barr, it was learned that Mueller was not going to hand out any further indictments, including for President Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner.

Well, now the Dems are in a world of hurt as they’ve placed all of their hopes and dreams on Mueller’s nearly two-year investigation. They will have to change the narrative, quickly.

Even Anderson Cooper’s CNN is calling out the Democrats and what they are likely to do after Friday’s news, which, at this point, looks pretty devastating for them.

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