UK journalist being investigated for hate crime after ‘misgendering’ in tweet

The thought police are real and apparently, in the United Kingdom, offending them could land you in jail.

Seriously, the whole situation began on “Good Morning Britain” where Catholic journalist Caroline Farrow and transgender activist Susie Green appeared. The two debated on the program, but it’s what happened after the show that lead to the investigation.

Apparently, Farrow used a wrong pronoun on Twitter when referring to Green’s daughter, who was born a male. She didn’t appreciate the “misgendering” of her son/daughter and decided to get the police involved in the situation.

And the police are actually going to investigate.

Farrow is accused of violating the UK’s Malicious Communications Act , anyone found guilty of violating this act faces up to two years in prison.

Farrow responded to the absolute insanity of the whole situation in a string of tweets.

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