Trump on late Sen. McCain: ‘I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be’

Just because someone asks you a question, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to provide them an answer.

Perhaps this is advice President Donald Trump should take into consideration from time to time.

On Tuesday, Trump, while meeting with Brazil’s president’ the president was asked why he continues to attack the late Sen. John McCain, even after he’s been dead….for seven months.

He answers by saying that he’s still upset by the dead senator’s vote on the ObamaCare repeal and “some other stuff.”

Constantly tweeting and talking about a guy who has been dead for the better part of a year, isn’t a good look, especially from the President of the United States.

This can in no way help him. McCain is dead and not able to defend himself. At some point, Trump is going to get past his obsession with John McCain, right?



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