Jake Tapper and CNN win award for Parkland town hall, Dana Loesch responds

Last February, in Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, 17 people lost their lives after they were gunned down.

In the aftermath of the shooting, CNN held a town hall in Parkland, Florida. Family members of the victims, Sen. Marco Rubio, radio host and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch as well as Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel attended the event.

Of course, things were very raw and emotions were high. Nearly 20 people had lost their lives about a week before. However, it became very apparent, that it was nothing more than an anti-gun event.

Guns were blamed as the sole reason as to why people lost their lives. But soon after the massacre, there were questions about the failings of the Broward County Sheriff Department, specifically former Sheriff Scott Israel.

Israel used the town hall as an opportunity to grandstand and blame Loesch and the NRA. But as we have since learned, Israel failed in the way his department responded to the shooting and to prior information made known to them before the shooting took place.

Apparently none of that information mattered and CNN won “The Walter Cronkite Award in Excellence in Television Political Journalism” in the National Network News Program category.

Loesch, who appeared at the event and got an earful from everyone, responded Tuesday on social media.

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