Elizabeth Warren pushes reparations for slavery during CNN Town Hall

CNN continued their town hall meetings with the 2020 Democratic hopefuls and last night Elizabeth Warren took the stage in Jackson, MS. Jake Tapper served as moderator.

On the bigger issues, Warren sounded very much like her Democratic colleagues, touting free health care, high taxes on the rich and free college. But racism and slavery seemed to be on the minds of many of the audience members, and the Mass. Senator talked about apologizing for slavery and offering reparations to families who descended from slaves.

Warren is also in favor of MS changing their flag, as it’s the only state left to still have the Confederate battle emblem on it.

Warren would also like to abolish the Electoral College.

Her “Native American” heritage came up, but Warren glossed over the question, saying “I learned about my family from my family. Based on that … that’s just kind of who I am and I do the best I can with it.”

One of the final questions of the night was about impeaching President Trump and on that, Warren didn’t really answer, instead saying that the Mueller report needs to come out and be made public.


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