Bill Maher goes after Dems for refusing to give Fox News primary debate

Last week, the National Democratic Party chair Tom Perez announced that his party would not be giving Fox News a primary debate.

Instead, they would be giving their debates to the other stations where the majority of viewers and hosts already agree with their candidates.

From the moment this was announced, it seemed extremely shortsighted. What’s to keep Republicans from refusing to go on MNSBC, CNN or PBS? Nothing.

On his show HBO show, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the comedian eviscerated the Democrats for their decision.

Maher makes a terrific argument for why the Democrats are wrong for shunning the conservative news outlet, saying that it would’ve been a terrific opportunity to for their candidates to share their thoughts and ideas to others who may not normally be exposed to them.

He slammed the Democrats for staying in their echo chamber. Basically, the Dems are saying that I’m not even going to acknowledge ideas that may conflict and even challenge my preconceived notions.

But this goes the other way as well. The second any Republican or really anyone challenges something Donald Trump says or does, his diehard supporters cannot handle it. They lash out, usually with names such as “snowflake,” “libtard,” bring up the “yeah, but Hillary argument” or accuse the other person of being “triggered.”

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