Trump critic has problem with numbers, social media hilariously corrects him

For some people on the Left, President Donald Trump drives them absolutely crazy.  He occupies so much space in their minds that he should have to pay them rent. Anything the man does is and always will be wrong in their eyes.

One of those people who is entirely obsessed with Trump is prolific Twitter user Brian Krassenstein. Krassenstein describes himself as an “outspoken critic of Donald Trump” and an editor at “The Hill,” a political news outlet.

To say this guy is obsessed with Trump is to put it lightly. Anytime Trump tweets, you can bet that within seconds that Krassenstein will respond with some smug, generic and cliche-filled tweet.

Well, one of his most recent responses showed that he may have an issue with numbers.

Krassenstein’s numerically-challenged response was to Trump’s tweet about SNL. Social media hilariously responded to the Trump critic, trying to provide him with some help.

But instead of just going home and taking his loss with him, he decided to respond with an awkward message that didn’t help matters.


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