Louisiana gives 66,000 residents double tax refunds

Democrats and liberals alike are always screaming about more government. The answer to what ails society, according to our friends on the left, is always more government.

Some people don’t make as much money as others. Even though the difference between income is likely due to level of educational attainment, career field, years in a particular career or something similar, the left always wants more government to fix that discrepancy.

Some people don’t have health care or the same kind of health care. Well, the geniuses on the left swoop in and state that the answer, of course, is just more government involvement.

For some inexplicable reason, the Left has a blind faith in the ability of the government to always and forever fix everything at the expense of the taxpayer.

Well, let’s take look at the competence of the government in Louisiana. The state recently admitted to giving more than 60,000 taxpayers double tax refunds. This insane government oversight amounted to $26 million.

According to one report, most of the money was sent by direct deposits. However, if they were sent by another means, the government is asking those people to kindly not spend the money, but instead return it.

Apparently, the double tax refunds occurred because of a computer error. 

I understand mistakes happen but, let’s remember this is the same government that liberals want having more and more control over our lives, putting its hands further in our health care, our economy and everywhere else Democrats feel is necessary.

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