Rep. Omar: Trump is not human

Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar continues making headlines for saying/tweeting some pretty controversial things.

Well, since it’s been two or three days since her last statement that’s gotten headlines, she must’ve thought it was time to do it once again.

The Minnesota representative, while leaving her office, was asked to respond to an article from Politico in which she basically said Trump and Obama were the same president, carrying out a number of the same policies and stating that Obama’s hope and change was “a mirage.”

Understandably, Omar was catching flack for saying Obama and Trump are essentially the same.  To show how wrong and stupid the quote from Politico Omar believed was she called Obama and Trump are not even remotely the same. To further prove her point and showcase her dismay over her present controversy, she said that one (Obama) is human and the other (Trump) and is not.

Check out her comments:

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