Former VP Biden sums up political climate: Mean and petty

Our political discourse has devalued into really nothing more than name calling and “owning” someone on the other side. Social media, instead of brining people together, has helped to worsen the divide.

Several weeks ago, former Vice President Joe Biden was caught on camera calling current Vice President Mike Pence a decent guy. But that kind of language, saying anything remotely positive about one’s “political enemy,” will not be tolerated.

The left called out Biden and her promptly took back his compliment about Pence. But that kind of activity doesn’t just happen on the left. Try disagreeing with anything President Trump says or does and watch out. To his most avid, rabid supporters, President Donald Trump cannot do or say anything wrong. To some people, Trump is wholly infallible and any dissent from that opinion will not be tolerated.

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently made this observation, stating exactly where we are in our political discourse.



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