Dick’s Sporting Goods to stop selling all guns at some stores across the U.S.

After Parkland, Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling what they deemed as “assault rifles” and destroyed all their merchandise. They also refused to sell guns to anyone under 21.

Those bold policy moves hurt the store, and in November the company reported weak sales during the holiday period.

Now, the company has announced they are going to stop selling guns altogether at 125 stores across the U.S. Instead they plan to sell higher end sports gear and outdoor recreation equipment.

According to the Wall Street Journal,

CEO Ed Stack said that guns and some hunting gear will be removed from 125 of Dick’s 729 namesake locations.

Guns are being removed from stores where hunting gear and related items don’t perform as well as in other markets, Stack said, noting that recent sales rose in 10 stores where the gun-free concept was tested.


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