CNN’s reporter Jim Acosta plays commentator again, says ‘Dems don’t hate Jews’

CNN really needs to just give Jim Acosta what he really wants: his own primetime TV show where he gets to spout his opinion. He could call it “Tonight with Jim Acosta talking about what matters: Jim Acosta.”

He’d be much better suited for that kind of position than the one her currently occupies as a reporter. So often this guy gives his opinion when he should just layout the facts of a story.

Acosta once again has made himself the story. Instead of doing his job and just reporting the facts, the vainglorious newsman had to interject himself.

During an exchange with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Acosta asked about President Trump’s comments where he supposedly said Democrats hate Jews.


Acosta, sticking up for Democrats, said that that notion and statement is just plain “silly” and “not true.” Apparently, Jim missed the part where DEMOCRAT Rep. Ilhan Omar has made a number of anti-Semitic comments and has been reprimanded by House leadership.

Then when the Democrats had an opportunity to pass something about anti-hate, it was watered down and never mentioned Omar or her comments, specifically.

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