‘Captain Marvel’ is an uneven feminist origin story

We went to see Captain Marvel last night and while the film was enjoyable, it’s not nearly as good as Wonder Woman, and that’s coming from someone who is Team Marvel all the way. The […]

Democrats select location for 2020 convention

The Democrats have selected the site for the 2020 Democratic Convention: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Did you hear the news? We’re going to Milwaukee for the 2020 Democratic National Convention! Here are a few things you should […]

CNN’s reporter Jim Acosta plays commentator again, says ‘Dems don’t hate Jews’

CNN really needs to just give Jim Acosta what he really wants: his own primetime TV show where he gets to spout his opinion. He could call it “Tonight with Jim Acosta talking about what […]

VIDEO: Tulsi Gabbard refuses to say if she’s a capitalist

The Democratic Party continues to move further and further to the left. On Sunday night, CNN held a town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. They event covered a wide range of issues; everything […]