Simpsons pulling episode featuring Michael Jackson

HBO’s new documentary “Leaving Neverland” has reignited the decades old cases of child molestation accusations against pop singer Michael Jackson. And in the ten years since the singer’s death, #MeToo happened. Since the documentary aired on Sunday,  radio stations have been pulling Jackson’s music from their playlists and The Simpsons has also decided not to air an episode guest starring Jackson.

The Simpsons had Jackson on in 1991, but now that the “Neverland” documentary has aired, it’s been decided by the executive producers of the show to pull it from circulation on the rerun circuit.

They also plan to scrub it from future DVD box set s, streaming services and any syndication airings.

Here’s a clip of the offensive episode, which finds Homer talking to a man at a mental institutions who says he’s Michael Jackson. The character looks nothing like the King of Pop, Jackson voiced the character, as well as writing an original song for the episode. They didn’t credit Jackson for the guest spot, but everyone knew who it was.



Producers said that removing the episode was the only way to be compassionate toward the accusers and even though Jackson was never convicted of any wrong doing, the #MeToo era has led people to view older works through a new lens.

This summer marks the ten year anniversary of Jackson’s death.

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