Mother Jones writer says he found ‘anti-AOC graffiti’ in Phoenix airport bathroom, the airport responds

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in an extremely short time, has managed to become a very polarizing figure.

She immediately brings up strong feelings mainly due to the idiotic things she says and her leftist, progressive proposals, such as the wildly expensive Green New Deal.

Well, of course the majority of the left, especially the progressive left loves her and the right, well they aren’t the biggest fans of the freshman congresswoman.

Anyway, Mother Jones writer and MSNBC contributor David Corn tweeted that he spotted “anti-AOC graffiti” in a Phoenix airport bathroom. It was terrible, it was horrifying.

It was so terrible that he couldn’t even post a picture of it.

Well, the Phoenix airport responded, saying they were unable to find any such graffiti.

If it was really so terrible and really did exist, why wouldn’t you just snap a photo of it? We’re all walking around with cameras literally in the palm of our hands.

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