DNC will not allow Fox News to have a debate

It’s still a while before the Democrats begin debating one another, duking it out for the right to go up against President Donald Trump in the general election.

Heck, another dozen or so candidates could join the presidential field before the debates start. A lot of things could change between now and then.

However, one thing that isn’t likely to change is the Democrat National Committee’s decision to not allow Fox News to hold one of their primary debates.

The DNC’s chairman Tom Perez announced the party’s decision Wednesday afternoon.

The reasoning behind the party’s decision? They cited a New Yorker article which highlighted the network’s close relationship with President Trump.

Is Fox New a conservative outlet? Yes, when you’ve got people like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham with their own programs, it’s hard to make that say otherwise.

But, so what? With every other outlet that has decidedly liberal bent, why is it so awful that one network have a slightly different point of view?

Regardless, the Democrats are only hurting themselves with their decision. Why would you exclude your candidates from exposure to people, to a whole new audience? Makes no sense.

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