Juan Williams: Trump may refuse to leave if he loses 2020 election

Juan Williams is a Fox News contributor and a regular panelist on the network’s popular opinion program, “The Five.”

On any given day, “The Five” is compromised of four conservative/libertarian voices – Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, Jesse Watters and Kennedy (this seat is interchangeable).

However, Fox News because they need to appear that they are at least trying to present both sides of an issue have one lone liberal voice – Juan Williams.

Williams, while he generally does take the liberal point of view on most issues and topics, he’s normally a sane, rational voice that most conservatives will just politely agree to disagree with. Point being: he’s not on the far left like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes.

However, Williams’ latest piece for The Hill, may show that he might not be someone  whom we have many policy disagreements.

He wrote an article with the premise that Trump, if he were to lose the 2020 election, would not leave the office and that he’d have plenty of support if he chose to act in such a way.

He points to far-right activist and known liar Jacob Wohl. Wohl, who was recently banned from Twitter, openly admitted to making up utterly false and untrue stories about Democratic presidential candidates and others with a liberal outlook just for…well because he’s an evil person.

He actually stated that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was dead, despite have no proof. He also started a rumor saying that Kamala Harris wasn’t eligible to run for president. He did this knowing they were completely false.

Yes, social media can be a dark/crazy place filled with insane people who are willing to believe anything just because it fits their own personal narrative. Yes, there are way too many people who, when it comes to President Trump/Obama/Hillary Clinton/ (insert whatever politician), they have absolutely no objectivity at all. If Trump says or does something, no matter what it is, his diehard, sold-out base will be behind him 100 percent.

However, to say that a President of the United States, if he were to lose, may actually stay in office and refuse to leave, is conspiracy-level type thinking. Also, to take it even further and say that plenty of President Trump’s supporters on social media would support such a blatant unconstitutional act is frankly insane.

Do people get carried away with their love and adoration of President Trump? Yes, of course they do. They also did when President Obama was in office. Presidents come and presidents go, but the peaceful transition of power is a hallmark of our nation, a belief and a tradition that sets us apart from many other nations and it’s bigger and more important than any one politician, or I at least hope that’s the case.

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