According to feminist film journalist, men shouldn’t be writing reviews of ‘Captain Marvel’

Alyssa Klein is upset that men are reviewing “Captain Marvel” for major publications. Klein, who is a film journalist, tweeted that “I’m so excited to finally see Marvel’s first woman superhero movie. I’m less excited about the fact that many of the biggest publications are having men write their reviews. Want proof? Here’s a thread of Captain Marvel reviews written by men.”

She then proceeded to tweet reviews from The New York Times, Vanity Fair, NPR, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, CNN and others and all the pieces were written by men. That got to be exhausting, so she took a break and implored men to prioritize reading the reviews by women instead.

Before signing off for the night, she then gave a lecture to the men in the industry who asked to write the review of “Captain Marvel.”

Needless to say, people eviscerated her for taking that stance.

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