VIDEO: Bernie Sanders has trouble naming legislation he’s passed to help people

Bernie Sanders wants to help people. He wants to give you free college, free health care, raise the minimum wage, wants to get rid of private health insurance and is a fan of the Green New Deal.

The millionaire senator constantly drones on and on about the middle class, the less fortunate and those struggling to make a living. Likewise, he also talks about the evils of “the rich” and making them pay their fair share.

Well, Mr. Generous With Other People’s Money was on the Breakfast Club, a morning radio show based in New York City.  He talks about his “long history” of helping minorities, his record in the civil rights moment and supporting Jesse Jackson during his presidential run.

He’s then asked by program’s host Charlmagne Tha God if there is any specific legislation that he can point that he’s helped pass that has supported or helped minorities, Sanders’ answer is less than great.

Sanders can’t “point to legislation specifically” but he knows he’s done a lot. Can we say pandering?

Check out Sanders non-answer answer:

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